Interstices: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts is about the spaces between idea and thing, where perfect correspondence is never quite found, demanding a realm of endless negotiation and productive interpretation. Its role is not to reaffirm existing normative standards and canons, nor to rest comfortably in the supposed self-sufficiency of the building object, regional identity, composition, nature, function … but to explore the interstices, the gaps and fractures within an institution that appears solid, secure and fixed.

A forum for the dissemination of research into architectural thought and design ideas, the journal acts as a critical platform for the review and discussion of current architectural projects in New Zealand and overseas. Through publications in Interstices, writers and presenters such a the 2005 Pritzker winner Thom Mayne (USA), Mark Wigley (USA), Francesco Venezia and Renato Rizzi (Italy), Mark Goulthorpe (France, now teaching at MIT), Marco Frascari (Canada), Joseph Rykwert (UK), David Leatherbarrow (USA), and many others, contributed to contemporary local and international debates. The journal is supported by an Editorial Board of academics and professionals, with members from eight countries. Since 2005, the publication has appeared annually. Issues 06 to 09 are also available as electronic texts.

Over the past years, Interstices has significantly developed its standing as an academic publication and was given an “A” in the Australian Research Council’s journal rating in 2009 and 2010. Interstices was one of 20 publications whose editors were invited to contribute a chapter to 20/20 – Editorial Takes on Architectural Discourse (edited by Kirk Wooler, London: Architectural Association Publications, 2011, pp. 253-62). This would not have been possible without the sustained and generous support of our sponsors.

We would be pleased to receive your contribution for the refereed or non-refereed part – the latter including book reviews, features of performances, or project reviews. Please check for the latest Call for Papers in this blog.

Andrew Douglas and Ross Jenner