Interstices 12 (Under Construction)

Unsettled Containers: Aspects of Interiority

October 11, 2010

Concluding Remarks: Professor David Leatherbarrow

We gratefully acknowledge receipt of The University of Auckland Distinguished Visitor’s Award, as well as the contributions to Professor David Leatherbarrow’s airfares made by the Universities of Melbourne and Tasmania, VUW and AUT University.

Our thanks to all who have generously contributed advice and time: Arlette Galich, Azadeh Emadi, Belinda Robinson, Benita Kumar Simati, Christopher Titford, Desna Jury, Divya Purushotham, Elizabeth Tjahjana, Hana Hong, Jessica Mentis, Judy Cockeram, Julia Gatley, Mark Jackson, Megan Ritchie, Natalie Guy, Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann, Rameka Tuinukuafe, Ross Collinson, Sarah Treadwell, Sharee Martin, Tracey Holdsworth and others.

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