Interstices 08

Edited by A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul, Julia Gatley and Ross Jenner

“Disagreement” addresses the politics of aesthetics. Several contributions respond directly to the writings of French Philosopher, Jacques Rancière.



Refereed papers

Michael J. Ostwald
Rancière and the Metapolitical Framing of Architecture: Reconstructing Brodsky and Utkin’s Voyage

A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul
Travel in Tropical Islands: Enemies Coexisting in Peace

Carl Douglas
Barricades and Boulevards: Material transformations of Paris, 795

Hélène Frichot
Striving for a Coming Community and the Question of a Life

Leonhard Emmerling

Linda Marie Walker & Stephen Loo
And the Open Bridge: Labour, Enchantment, There Forever

Non-refereed Papers, Projects, Reviews, Translations

Hong-Chi Shiau
The Glamorous, but Doomed, Bamboo Forest: The Western De/Construction of Local Memory of the 92 Earthquake in Taiwan

Tom Daniell
The Letter of the Law: Constraints on Architectural Form in Japan

Bill McKay
A Short Venting of the Spleen on the Subject of the Architect and Science

Andrew Leach
The Myth of the Nation

Paul Walker
Architecture Inspired by New Zealand (Review)

Peggy Deamer
Dick Toy’s Last Lecture

Julia Gatley
New Measures for Other Moderns

Kerstin Thompson Architects and Architecture Workshop
Waitangi Precinct Competition Entry, Wellington, 2005

Tim Adams
Daniel Payot: The Judgement of Architecture (Translation)