Interstices 09
Expat: Places/Spaces/Baggage

Edited by Julia Gatley and Carl Douglas

“Expat: Places/Spaces/Baggage” covers issues of migrancy and expatriatism in architectural history, practice and daily life.


Full Contents


Refereed Papers

David Beynon
Refusal of Home? Architecture Ex-Patriota

Tom Daniell
From Far East to Middle East: Revitalizing Metabolism

Deane Simpson
Nomadic Urbanism: The Senior Full-time Recreational Vehicle Community

Michael Findlay
So High You Can’t Get Over It: Neo-classicism, Modernism and Colonial
Practice in the Forming of a Twentieth-century Architectural Landmark

Robin Skinner
Further Investigations into an Authorship: Reassessing the Dixon Street Flats Archive

Non-refereed Papers, Images, Reviews & Interviews

Ruth Watson
Pattern Recognition

Justine Clark
Serendipity: Between Making a Magazine and Writing History

John Walsh
Places, Spaces, Baggage

Linda Tyler
Czechoslovakian Crystal in Pavlova Paradise: Vladimir Cacala, 1926-2007

Gay Sweely
An Architectural History of the Canterbury Hebrew Congregation

Rowan Fraser
Transnational World: Imagining an Afterspace

Simon Devitt & Julia Gatley
Finalists for the Inaugural Simon Devitt Prize for Photography

Andrew Barrie
Thomas Daniell, After the Crash (Book Review)

Tanja Poppelreuter
Christoph Schnoor, La Construction des Villes (Book Review)

Sarah Treadwell
Pulp Fictions and Interior Life (Exhibition Review)

Carl Douglas
[arc/sec] (Exhibition Review)

Andrew Barrie
Jun Aoki Interview (Transcript)

Bill McKay & Julia Gatley
Long Live the Modern