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Symposium: 2009
Published: 2009

Interstices 10
Adam’s House in the Pacific

Edited by Ross Jenner, Mark Jackson and A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul

The tenth issue of Interstices derives largely from a symposium in honour of Joseph Rykwert held at the University of Auckland in November 2008, on the occasion of his stay as Distinguished Visitor to the School of Architecture and Planning. The primitive hut seemingly provides a base for a natural perception uncluttered by cultural baggage, where only innate ideas and external necessities prevail in the pursuit of ever purer tectonics and returns to origins. Addressing the assumptions underlying such ideas, this issue raises questions about the need for architecture in the ‘paradisiacal’ contexts of the Pacific; architecture’s relationship with nature and the scene of Paradise; questions of origins and notions of the primitive in domestic, public and commercial contemporary architecture; the connections between these buildings and those original to the Pacific; and the significance of Rykwert’s work today, in relation to discourses of appropriation and deconstruction.



Refereed papers

Albert L. Refiti
Whiteness, Smoothing and the Origin of Samoan Architecture

Charmaine ‘Ilaiu
Tauhi Vˉa: The first space

Mike Austin and Jeremy Treadwell
Constructing the Pacific Hut

A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul and Keri-Anne Wikitera
Take me away … In search of original dwelling

Paul James and Robin Skinner
Sites of Defence Within Picturesque Scenes: Late eighteenth century representations of natural architecture in New Zealand

Julia Gatley
What’s in a Name? The First House in New Zealand architectural discourse

Paul Hogben
Uncovering the Strategic: The appeal to nature in early twentieth-century architectural discourse in Australia

Tim Adams
Benoît Goetz: A French reader of Rykwert’s On Adam’s House in Paradise

Carl Douglas
Contract, Crowd, Corpus and Plasma: Architectural and social assemblages

Invited Paper

Joseph Rykwert
Adam’s House Again

Non-refereed Papers, Projects, Reviews & Interviews

David Mitchell & Julie Stout
Five Houses

Pete Bossley
Houses, Ideas and Resisting the Natural

Patrick Clifford
Simple or Simplistic?

Riken Yamamoto
Public/Private – Concerning the concept of threshold

Review by Gevork Hartoonian
The Judicious Eye: Architecture against the other arts by Joseph Rykwert

Derek Kawiti
This Is Not a Book Review. Maori Architecture: From fale to wharenui and beyond by Dr Deidre Brown

Review by Carin Wilson
Paki Harrison: Tohunga Whakairo. The Story of a Master Carver by Ranginui Walker