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Symposium: 2009
Published: 2010

Interstices 11
The Traction of Drawing

Edited by Laurence Simmons and Andrew Barrie

“The Traction of Drawing” queries whether, with the proliferation and maturation of digital technologies, drawing is now really “done and dusted”. The collection of essays, drawings and reviews in this issue explores different technologies of drawings and suggests that drawing still works. However, a shift to a post-digital condition is required where, by critically re-evaluating and renegotiating the roles of various instruments and techniques, the ‘craft’ of drawing applies across all drawing practices, analogue and digital. The gap that seems to divide these approaches is artificial, and drawing maintains its central role in architectural thinking and making.



Refereed papers

Sarah Treadwell
Notation and Crocodiles: The architecture of Steinberg’s Magnolia Motel

Federica Goffi
Drawing Imagination and the Imagination of Drawing

Mike Linzey
Architectural Drawings do not Represent

Stephen Loo
Summoning Daena: Drawing the Parallel

Simon Twose and Jan Smitheram
The Paper Life of Building: Performative intra-action

Andrew Barrie
Okoshi-ezu: Speculations on thinness

Susan Hedges
Scale as the Representation of an Idea, the Dream of Architecturemand the Unravelling of a Surface

Mike Davis
Maintaining the Abstract Critical Facility in Post-Digital Drawing Practice

Refereed Drawings

Luke Pearson
The Draughtsman and the Delineator

Michael J Ostwald, Chris Tucker and Michael Chapman
Re-tracing History: Drawing the anti-monument

Christopher Morgan
The Landscape of Portraits

Invited Papers

Marco Frascari
Splendour and Miseries of Architectural Construction Drawings

Laurence Simmons
“Drawing has always been more than drawing”: Derrida and disegno

Non-refereed Papers, Projects, Reviews & Interviews

Kathy Waghorn
TRANS-FORM-ers: Auckland Architecture Week, 2009

Hitoshi Abe
Hot Links, Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans

Akihisa Hirata
Tree-ness House, Otsuka, Tokyo

Patrick Loo & Sarosh Mulla
Interview with Momoyo Kaijima of Atelier Bow-Wow

David Mitchell
The Group Architects by Julia Gatley (book review)

Bill McKay
The Villa by Jeremy Hansen, Jeremy Salmond and Patrick Reynolds (book review)

Pip Cheshire
The Invention of New Zealand by Francis Pound (book review)

Carl Douglas
Tensions (exhibition review)

Carol Go-Sam
Sep Yama: “Ground you cannot see” Finding Country (a primer) (exhibition review)

Shelley F. Martin
Seeing in Section: The practice of photogrammatic drawing

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