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Symposium: 2012
Published: 2013

Interstices 14
Immaterial Materialities

Edited by Sandra Karina Löschke and Desley Luscombe

The collection of essays and visual essays in this issue explore materiality in relation to ideas about interactivity and how these have manifested themselves in art and architecture. Interstices 14 builds upon ideas and issues identified by a host of international guests at the Interstices Under Construction Symposium held at the Australian Institute of Architects in Sydney in November 2012. It endeavours to untangle tropes such as digital materialitymaterial agency and immateriality across an interdisciplinary field comprising architectural history, art history, curatorial studies, and art and architectural practice.



Sandra Karina Löschke
Immaterial Materialities

Refereed Papers

Ross Jenner
Ambient atmospheres: Exhibiting the immaterial in works by Italian Rationalists Edoardo Persico and Franco Albini

Sandra Karina Löschke
Material aesthetics and agency: Alexander Dorner and the stage-managed museum

Abigail McEwen
The ideology of virtual space: Cildo Meireles, 1968-70

Matthew Mindrup
The Merz Mill and the Cathedral of the Future

Cathy Smith
Labour matters: The politics of materials and making in architecture

Ashley Paine
Striped effects: The articulation of materiality and directionality in striped architecture

Invited papers

Jonathan Hill
The ruins of the immaterial

Gernot Böhme
Staged materiality

Non-refereed papers

Matthias Ludwig
Ulrich Müther (1934-2007): Cast in concrete

Tom Daniell
The limits of materiality: On Junya Ishigami and Philippe Rahm

Felipe Lanuza Rilling
Immaterial densities: Revealing an alternative Heygate Estate

Sandra Karina Löschke
Coproductions: Material, light, architecture (report)

Marshall Cook
Athfield Architects by Julia Gatley (book review)

Ross Jenner
In memoriam: Marco Frascari (1945-2013)
ink here to DREAMHOUSE ARCHITECTURE, a website linking professionals and students interested in Marco Frascari’s work)


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