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Symposium: 2 - 4 June 2017
Published: 22 December 2017

Interstices 18 – Pattern / Surface: a pursuit of material narratives

Edited by Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul, Susan Hedges and Ross Jenner


Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul, Susan Hedges and Ross Jenner
Surface / Pattern: a pursuit of material narratives


Anuradha Chatterjee
Between colour and pattern: Ruskin’s ambivalent theory of constructional polychromy

Andrew Douglas
On territorial images: Erewhon, or, chiastic desire

Sebastien Galliot
From ritual efficacy to iconic efficiency: ritual encoding and the transformation of Samoan religiosity

Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul
Binding and arresting: surface and pattern in a contemporary traditional Pacific building


Spyros Papapetros
Ornament as portable ecology: Bodily and architectural adornment on a global scale

Tēvita ’Ō. Ka’ili
Pacific patterns: Hoa in binary relationships, repetition, symmetry, kupesi, and mana

Postgraduate Creative Design Research Projects

Joanne Choueiri, Supervisor: Füsun Türetken
Interiors of Memories: A study of personal memories based on the works of Luigi Serafini and Georges Perec

John de Manincor
Whethering Station: Thin surface, thick surface


Esther Mecredy
COMMENTARY Mike Davis’ Lang Doors: a commentary in terms of time, material and practice

Sean Flanagan
BOOK REVIEW The Auckland School: 100 years of architecture and planning. Edited by Julia Gatley and Lucy Treep

John Walsh
EXHIBITION REVIEW The Auckland School: Celebrating the centenary of the University of Auckland School of Architecture and Planning

Jonathan Hale
Atmospheric Architectures: The aesthetics of felt spaces. Gernot Böhme. Edited / Translated by A-C. Engels-Schwarzpaul

Jan Smitheram
BOOK REVIEW The Baroque in Architectural Culture 1880–1980. Edited by Andrew Leach, John Macarthur and Maarten Delbeke.