Interstices 11 (Under Construction)

The Traction of Drawing

November 1, 2009

Symposium Abstracts

Abstracts for the upcoming symposium are published and attached.

Download the Abstracts for 2009, Interstices 11 Under Construction – The Traction of Drawing


Folded Space
Andrew Barrie

Fixed: Techniques of drawing on skin, and other surfaces
Deborah Cain

Drawing the Haunting
Philippe Campays & Stephanie Liddicoat

Entrails: Drawing and architectural space in the transgressive experiments of Dada
Michael Chapman

Maintaining the Abstract Critical Facility in Post-digital Drawing Practice
Michael Davis

Previous Enrolments: Drawing as collective formation
Carl Douglas

Drawing Imagination and the Imagination of Drawing: The role of ambiguity and the unfinished
Federica Goffi

Scale As the Representation of an Idea, the Dream of Architecture and the Unravelling of a Surface
Susan Hedges

“To Keep the Clay Moist”: Drawing as possibility
Ross Jenner

Scratches In Space-Time: Len Lye’s ‘Free Radicals’ and Temple Art
Kate Linzey

Architectural Drawings Do Not Represent Anything
Michael Linzey

Summoning Daena: Drawing the parallel
Stephen Loo

Blank Sheet: The pristine
Sou Muy Ly

Takohi: Drawing in Tongan thinking and practice
Huˉfanga ‘Okusitino Maˉhina

Seeing In Section: The practice of the photogrammatic drawing
Shelley F. Martin

Diagnostic Imagings and Invisibilities: Medicalisations of the architectural section drawing
Christine McCarthy

a priori / a posteriori: Elin and Carmen Corneil’s drawings for Vestmannaeyjar and Kashagawigamog
Michael Milojevic

The Limitless Field: We are in the midst of reality responding with joy
Katica Pedisic

Tatau: Symmetry as conflict-mediation of line-space intersection
Seˉmisi F. Potauaine

Against Drawing: Line-making and the Tufuga guild
Albert L. Refiti

Drawing Distinctions: Ernst Plischke’s line drawings for Design and Living
Linda Tyler

Drawing the Lines of Theory: Francesco di Giorgio’s imagination at work (Poster)
Pari Riahi

The Inter-relationship between Drawing and Film (Poster)
Simon Welch